Gear Changes in 2018

As much as I loved the feel of the keybed and the wonderful piano sounds on the Roland RD-2000, it was in and out of the shop 4 – 5 times in the first year that I had it with key contact problems. So I decided I needed to have something that I could count on.

After trying out most of the available 88 note weighted action boards, I pulled the trigger in late August and got a Korg Kronos 2 – 88. It may be the best move I ever made gear-wise. The user interface, the action, the sounds, etc. are all stellar and have been totally inspiring on gigs. I have so far just scratched the surface with the capabilities of the Kronos. There are 3rd party sound libraries that are amazing.

My thanks to nStuff Music ( As usual they took care of me with this transition so well. If you have never shopped there, they are just wonderful and always take care of their customers.

Here is a video of me playing my newly acquired Korg Kronos with one of the bands I perform regularly with, CrossCurrents with vocalist Stacia Abbott:

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